move the lips in synchronization (with recorded speech or song)
Syn: ↑lip-synch
Hypernyms: ↑mouth
Verb Frames:

Somebody ——s

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Etymology: lip sync
: of, relating to, or produced by lip synchronization or lip sync

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/lip"singk'/, Motion Pictures, Television.
v.t., v.i.
1. to synchronize (recorded sound) with lip movements, as of an actor in a film.
2. to match lip movements with (recorded speech or singing): She did a clumsy job of lip-syncing her big song.
3. the technical process by which this is done.
4. the simultaneous recording of voice and picture, esp. the synchronization of lip movements with recorded sound.
Also, lipsynch, lipsync.

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lip-sync or lip-synch /lipˈsingk/ noun
1. The synchronization of lip movements with already recorded sound, esp by singers making television appearances
2. The synchronization of the voice with already filmed lip-movements (in dubbing; also transitive verb and intransitive verb)
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Main Entry:lip

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lip-sync variant UK US
Main entry: lip-synch

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1. synchronization of lip movements with sound previously recorded: »

Pantomiming to a record…is a convenient ruse known as “lip sync” (Time).

2. synchronization of a voice with lip movements filmed previously, as in the preparation of a dubbed, native-language version of a foreign film.
lip-sync or lip-synch «LIHP SIHNGK», intransitive verb, transitive verb.
to move the lips in synchronization with (sound previously recorded): »

The Raes…will be seen lip-synching their hit song “A Little Lovin' ” (Maclean's).

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[ˌsingk] 1.
(also lip-synch) v. [trans.] (of an actor or singer) move the lips silently in synchronization with (a recorded soundtrack)
n. the action of using such a technique
lip-syncer n.

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lip-sync [lip-sync lip-syncs lip-synced lip-syncing] (also lip-synch) [ˈlɪp sɪŋk] [ˈlɪp sɪŋk] verb intransitive, transitive
to move your mouth, without speaking or singing, so that its movements match the sound on a recorded song, etc

\lip-sync (to sth)

She lip-synced to a Beatles song.

\lip-sync sth

He lip-synced ‘Return to Sender’.

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